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  • For a woman every man is terrorist. 1st he attacks her twin towers: then destroys her pentagon and then puts missile in her bunker+ 2 grenades at the gat.

  • Three housewives were walking in a park.
    They saw a dog fucking a bitch really hard there.

    Doctor’s Wife: So sweet, now they will have cute puppies.

    Lawyer’s Wife: No, this is a pure attempt of rape, and dog should b hanged.

    Major’s Wife: Lagta hai k Kutta 6 maah baad ghar aya hai…

  • Mehboob Mere
    Mehboob Mere
    Teri Masti me
    Muje Jeene day
    Boht Doodh
    ( . ) ( . )  hai  
      )   .  ( tere
    (    ¥   )
    seenay me
    Muje Daba-Daba
    Ke pene de..
  • ‘Shalwaari-Saanp’
    “Dunia ka 1 Khatarnak Saanp hy jis ka
    -Rang White/brown/ black
    -Aam lambai 4″ to 8”
    -Jism Narm/Hard
    -Temperature Garam
    -Aam tor pr bed Rooms me ladies ki tangon k beech me kaat leta hy
    -is ka zeher 9 maah tk pait ko suja deta hy
    -iski Peshawari qism mardon ko b kaat’ti pakri gai hy

  • For years he thought
    He was a Damn Good Fucker

    But then

    He found out

    His wife actually had asthma

  • Nargis 2 doctor:My Hole Is 2 Big
    DR Looks In Hole Says My Goodness,Goodness,Goodness.
    Nargis:Y R U Repeting Words?
    DR:Repeat Nahi kar raha,Awaz Goonj rahi ha ;-

  • ChAndA
    Mou KhoLo
    ThorA Or
    ThorA sA Or
    ( ".)
    < )_, - - .(." )
      LL          (  >
               DO THE DEW.
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