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  • I LOVE U…
    are just three words,
    which mean so much on our ANNIVERSARY,
    so this is what i want to say,
    live in my heart n there 4 ever stay!

  • No greeting card to give,
    No beautiful flowers to send,
    No cute pictures to forward,
    Just a loving heart saying

  • Anniversary k moqa pr PATHAN apni biwi k liay gulab ka phool le kr aya.

    BV: Mujhay ye nai chahiye, koi soney ki cheez do.

    Pathan: Ye lo Takiya or so jao.;-)

  • Hoping that the love we shared years ago
    Is still as strong today as it was
    then Bringing us much joy, love
    and happiness to celebrate again

    Happy Anniversary…