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  • A siMple “SALAM” can be so sweet

    S= Sada khush raho
    A= abaad raho
    L= La-zawal urooj dekho
    A= Arzuain poori hon
    M= Mujhe dua Mein yaad rakhna.

  • As rain covers the sun
    Truth covers the lies
    Angels cover the evil
    Flowers cover the garden,
    I wish & pray that happiness covers all d worries of ur life.
    And May every corner ov ur heart be filled wid happiness n $atisfcti0n…Aameen
    stay happy:-):-)

  • May God increase ur happiness like petrol prices, and decrease your tensions like clothes of Bipasha Basu

  • “A Wellwisher is not 1 who meets U everyday & talk to U everyday
    Wellwisher is 1 who may or may not meet U but always prays for Ur happiness”

  • Oñ thé pagés
       of rosés,,,,,
         with thé iñk øf moöñ lìght,,,,,
       A pÉñ of prayers häve writtéñ,,,,,
    oÑly three words for you,,,,,
       "GOD BLESS U" 
  • Allah’s Luv has no limit…..
    Allah’s Grace has no measure……
    Allah’s Power has no boundaries..
    May U have Allah’s endles blessings today & always.

  • D smallst gestures dat go right 2 D HRT …

    A smile 4Rm a strangr whn u r lost in a crowd ..
    An old 4Rnd callin 4Rm a distant land just 2 say’i miss u’ ..
    D touch of mother’s hand on ur 4head when u r unable 2 sleep..
    A hand on ur shouldr when it feels like the world’s against u ..
    An unexpectd but badly needed hug 4rm D 1 u love D most ..
    I pray ‘u get all these when u need them a loTTTTT’…

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