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  • Me kal ja raha tha

    k meri chappal toot gai
    ab chappal to mochi hi seeta hy

    seeta to darzi b hy

    darzi to kapray seeta hy

    kapray to rangeen hoty hain

    rangeen to lota b hota hy

    lota to bathroom me hota hy
    bathroom me to nal b hota hy

    nal to lohay ka hota hy

    lohay ki to istri b hoti hy

    istri to garm hoti hy

    garm to custard b hota hy
    custard to peela hota hy

    peela to chooza b hota hy

    chooza to anday se niklta hy

    anda to safeed hota hy

    safeed to gulab b hota hy

    gulab me to kantay hoty hoty hain
    kantay to machli me b hoty hain

    machli to pani me hoti hy

    pani me to kashti b hoti hy
    kashti me aadmi hoty hain
    aadmi to road pe b hoty hain

    road pe to me b chlta hn

    chlny se yad aaya

    kal me ja raha tha k
    Meri chappal toot gai……

  • Perfect E.g Of Confidence:
    An internee n a big multinatnal companay,dialed C.E.O. by mistake & said:”hey send a hot cofee n acounts deptt,n 2 mins”.

    C.E.O. shouted: “Do U know with whom U arE talking ?”

    intarnee : “No.”

    C.E.O: “I am C.E.O. of the company”.

    Intarnee in the same tune: “Do U know with whom U arE talking ?”

    C.E.O : “No.”

    intarnee said: “Thanx God”
    & disconnected the phone!
    Dat internee is ur CR..:-)
    what a genius man he is.

  • Past is

    Present is

    Future is

    So use xperiance in ur xperiment to achive ur xpectation.

  • U 22iM i
    . UOY 9>lil I

    iss sms ko sheeshay m dekh kr prna
    Its realy interesting…

  • Ay Allah…!
    Main tujh se apny liye kch nhi mangta,
    Bs mere pyare baap “” ko,
    Aik khoobsurat si
    “BAHU” ataa farma.
    Sab bolo Aameen,

  • There is always a reason 4 everything
    A reason 2 live,
    A reason 2 die,
    A reason 2 cry,
    But if u can’t find a reason to smile

    Can I be the reason 4 a while ;)

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