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  •  __/”’|
    { { __|”"”"”"”"”"”"”"‘!
    ‘[email protected]== “”"”"‘@”@”‘
    Pom! Pom!
    Sorry My SMS Was In Traffic Jam...
    So Late To say you
  • Salam
    read in punjabi.

    Dil 20,13.

    80,20 teray..

    Hor 10

    Ki hal a 13

    Ok g ijazat 2

    32 bujhao…or

    100 jao….

    G0oD ñighT…

  •  _/\_
    > ,"< _/\_
    >", < _/\_
    > ,"< _/\_
    >", < _/\_
    > ,"< Ye sitary chand ko talash kr rahy hain mgr chand tu hmara SMS prhny me masroof hai,
    G. Night
  • I was sleeping!
    |  ,o_,__,
    Oh! I forgot
    |  , /(,__,
    To say you
          o_,     Good
    |     (,__, NIGHT
  • Darkness is everywere,
    The Birds r back 2 ”HÖMES”
    Roads r “QUITE”


    I m not

    U know y?

    Just want say 2″U”

    GOOD.NiGHT &
    Sweet Dreamz…

  • If U want to sleep,,?

    U can sleep in my heart,

    If my heart beat disturbs u,don’t worry,

    I’ll stop it for u,

    B’coz u r very special for me REALY

    Gøød ÑiGht

  • Lo vai sajno te mitro,
    ALLAH taanu skoon di neend day,

    Na day,
    Per minoo zroor day.

    Aj di ais pyari g gal naal,

    Rab rakha!
    [email protected]@D ÑIGHT.

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