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  • Why Pakistanis are easy to identify?
    *Everything cooked in ginger garlic paste and onion.
    *Re-use of gift wrappers.
    *Always arrive at least an hour late to a party.
    *All siblings have rhyming names.
    *Talk for an hour at the gate when leave someone’s house.
    *You live with your parents even when you are 40 years old.
    *Sofas and carpets are covered with bedsheets.
    *Cover everything with plastic even if its a remote control.

  • Amazing MATHS MAGIC…

    Zarur Try krna
    259 x (Ur age) x 39 = ?
    Try it & get
    Surprise to c
    de results
    Aapki age 3 bar likhi nzar
    try karo.

  • Tumhain ye gila hai jaana k mizaaj Q hai barham…
    Kaho kaisy muskuraon Mera Shehr jal raha hai.!!!

    Dedicated to My beloved country ===Pakistan===

  • Send dis msg 2 ur frndz & get dangerous replies…
    reply me first.
    Reply zrur karen..

  • Once, an old man and his 24 year old son were going from New York to Texas in a train.
    The son sat next to the window with his father beside him.

    The son looking out towards the window shouted,
    ‘dad, look the trees are going behind!’
    dad smiled, and a young couple,sitting near, looked at the 24 year old behaving childishly with pity.

    Suddenly, he again exclaimed.
    ‘dad look, the clouds are running with us!’

    the couple couldn’t resist and said to the old man,
    ‘why dont you take your son to a good doctor?’

    the old man smiled and said,
    ‘we did, and we are just coming from the hospital. My son was blind from birth, he just got his eyes today.’

    moral: don’t jump to conclusions directly because what you see is most probably not the truth….

  • Dictionary is the only place where:

    1.Death comes before Life

    2.End comes before Start

    3.Child comes before Parents

    4.Divorce comes before marriage

    5.Evening comes before Morning

    6.Result comes before Test

    7.Destination comes before Struggle

    8.Dinner comes before Lunch

    9.Doctor comes before Fever.

    But the thing i consider right in Dictionary is that


  • 1 DiN Bemari Ny Doulat sy Kaha:

    tum Kitni KhushNaseeb Ho Hr Koi tume Pany ki Koshish Krta Hai.

    Åur Me Kitni BadNseb, k Hr Shaks Mujse Door Bhagta Hai


    KhushNaseeb to tum Ho Jise Pa kr Log Apny KHUDA ko yad Karty Hen,

    Åur BadNaseeb to Me Hon Jisy Pa kr Aksr Log KHUDA ko Bhool Jaty Hen.

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