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  • ;*” ”*
    , ‘*
    *:, .;* ORRY…

    This is a special SORRY to u, Plz excuse my mistake

  • Kese hum aapko manain bus ek baar bata do,
    Meri ghalti mera Qasoor mujhy yaad dila do?

  • Apology is a lovely perfume,
    It can turn d clumsiest moment in 2 a gracious gift!

  • Bhool se bhi agr koi bhool hui ho to,
    bhool samajh kar bhool jana,
    Or haan bhoolna sirf bhool ko,
    bhool se hame he na bhula dena

  • “The 4 hardest tasks on earth

    1. To return love for hate.

    2. To include the excluded.

    3. To forgive without apology.

    4. To be able to say,” I was wrong”

  • “Apologizing Doesn’t Mean That you are Wrong and the Other Person is Right,

    But it Means that you Value your Relationships More Than your EGO.”

  • Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!!!
    Dont get confused, Aray Baba SORRY means:
    O->One Is,