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  • Life is at its weakest
    There’s more
    Doubt than trust
    Life is at its strongest
    When you learn
    How to trust
    In spite of
    The doubts …

  • ~ If someone points out your Mistake; Be Happy That Atleast someone is there, Who is Interested in your betterment..! ~

  • Don’t believe the words people say in front of U. Just guess what they are talking behind U. Only then U can value Ur representation to society.

  • If we both exchange one dollar, we
    have one dollar each.
    But if we exchange one good thought, we both have two good thoughts.

  • Kabhi na girna kamal nahi !
    Gir kar sanbhal jana kamal ha.

    Insan apni fatah say nahi balkay naakami say zayada siikhta ha.

  • Sometimes hurting is needed 2 make us grow,
    Failure is needed 2 make us know,
    Loss is needed 2 make us gain,
    Coz sum lessons r best when learnt through pain.

  • A Good Heart And A Good Nature
    Are Two Different Issues,

    A Good Heart Can Win Many Relationships,

    But A Good Nature
    Can Win Many Good Hearts

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